Carrent – Karpathos

Rent a Car in Karpathos

Driving Terms

The driver must comply with the Greek Road Traffic Code.
To drive wisely and carefully and never under the influence of alcohol or drugs or a bad psychological condition that will affect his driving.
Must NOT use the car for off-road driving and on beaches. Damage to the underside of the car due to gross negligence or malicious use is not covered by any insurance and is the responsibility of the driver. Off-road driving is only allowed in 4×4 jeeps.
In case of any warning light on the car dial to contact us immediately to give the correct instructions.
Under no circumstances should someone else drive the vehicle that has not been registered in the rental contract and without informing the company.



All Cards are accepted. No pre-authorization of your credit card or advance payment for the rental car.

TAXES: All prices include 24% VAT.

Important documents

The renter and all approved drivers must be in possession of a full, valid driving license for at least two years and present it together with an identity card or passport while picking up the vehicle. Furthermore, the following
conditions apply depending on the issuing country of the driving license.

EU driving licenses
Valid driving licenses of all EU countries are accepted.

All other driving licenses
Driving Licences printed with non-Roman Alphabet
(Arabic, Japanese, and Cyrillic) must be accompanied by a valid International Driving Permit.

Drivers license from countries outside of the European Union must be complemented by an international drivers license.

Age restrictions

Certain regulations apply related to minimum age and possession of drivers license which can be found during the booking process depending on the booked vehicle. Basically, the minimum age for every driver is 21 years (having held the driving license
for at least 2 years). A deviation from the minimum age is possible depending on the vehicle.

In Greece, the following rules apply for the minimum age and possession of a drivers license:

21License held for 2 yearsGroup: A, B, C C+
25License held for 3 yearsGroup D, DD, Y, YD, E, M, S, SV, L,

Driver and License Requirements:

Possession of a full European or International driving license is required, obtained at least one year prior to the rental, and valid at the time of rental and until its termination.

Pick-up Tme:

The car pick-up time will be agreed upon with the Carrent – Karpathos company.

Included in your booking cost

Allowable Kilometers
The vehicle comes with unlimited mileage.
Free pick-up – drop off of the vehicle
Road map of the island
Third Party Liability Insurance
Third Party Liability Insurance (Civil Liability) is provided in accordance with current legislation.
More information is available in our office.
Road assistance
24-hour Road Assistance is provided.
Taxes & Local Charges
Your booking includes all taxes as well as delivery charges to preferred locations.
Free child/infant seat. (The Customer must specify the age of the child and they are placed free of charge by us).
Free theft or fire insurance
1 additional driver free


No credit will be given for the unused portion of the Rental Period.

Fuel Policy

Fuel is paid by client and must return the vehicle with the same amount as he collected or the difference will be charged locally.

This is paid locally by you.

  • Fines and Penalties

You are fully responsible for the cost of any parking fines or other penalties incurred whilst the Vehicle is on rent to you. Carrent – Karpathos will pass the relevant charge on to you plus any administrative expenses.

  • Delayed Return of the Vehicle:
    If the vehicle is returned later than the time stated in the contract, then you will be charged for the delay.

Insurance Policy :

The customer understands that all insurance coverage is provided by the company supplying the vehicle for rental and is not by Carrent – Karpathos. Liability for claims in excess of the insurance cover purchased rests with the hirer of the vehicle.
Carrent – Karpathos do not provide insurance cover of any kind in relation to the hire of the vehicle and are not liable for damages incurred in the event of an accident.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) with excess amounts:

CDW (COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER) it is included in the rental cost and the terms are defined in the rental contract, as is the case throughout Europe.

*Note: In the event of an accident, you must call the police and report the incident immediately, then submit a copy of the police report along with the rental agreement to the rental company. CDW cover does not apply beyond the rental period agreed with the local rental company. For more details regarding this insurance cover, please contact Carrent Karpathos where you will be collecting your vehicle.

Full Damage Waiver (FDW)

By choosing this insurance, the renter reduces the amount of the exemption in the event of an accident to €0 (zero) by paying daily the amount of:

€10.00 for all categories A,BA,B,BB,B1,C,D,DD,J,J2,M


CDW και FDW  they are not insurances but an agreement between Carrent Karpathos and the lessee:

All charges to damages written here-for and after will be charged directly to the client/ renter of our vehicle, the most important are the following: Antenna, trays, damage to car lock, loss or damage to keys, damages to doors caused by negligence(for example caused by the wind) , windshield wipers, interior of the
car, spare key and car jack, hubcap, lights, gas cap, damage to upholstery of a car, damages to the roof, damages caused by roof rack and any luggage on it, extreme dirtiness in a car, underside damage, personal belongings in a rented car, damage due to negligence, tire punctures and burst tires, fuel errors,
damage to child seats and baby seats, lack of electricity because of forgotten turned on electrical devices, loss of car documents, loss of registration plate. The car rental company, in any case, is not obligated to replace a flat tire or damages in music devices (radio, CD/mp3 player, etc.). Towing costs are not covered by any insurance. Carrent Karpathos will not refund any telephone, taxi or hotel costs. Carrent Karpathos will not be held responsible for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol-drugs, causing willful damage, off road driving, driving without care and attention or damages caused by negligence, and all traffic violations. The client will accept direct responsibility in respect of such claims.
Any unnoticed accident or damage to the vehicle may be interpreted as negligence. This may result in a charge to the client.

Theft Protection (THW)

Is included in the booking cost, in the case of theft or fire, you must contact the police and report the incident immediatelly, and submit a copy of the police report, the rental agreement and the Vehicles keys to the rental location. Responsibility is non-waiverable in case of theft or damages due to a theft attempt (excess applies). Theft protection does not apply beyond the rental date agreed with the pickup location. For details of this insurance, please check with the supplier on collection of the Vehicle.

Additional Insurances

WUG : (wheels, underside, glass) are available to purchase.

In which cases the Insurance does NOT cover damages

  • When the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • After an accident, driver doesn’t stop and doesnt take the necessary actions, such as informing our company, the Traffic Police (100), getting names and addresses of those involved in the accident, and not moving the car from the point where the accident took place before the representative of the insurance company or the Traffic Police arrives.
  • When the renter uses the car for unfair and illegal purposes, for example. smuggling, theft, illegal transport of objects and goods.
  • When the driver is not declared on the Rental Agreement.
  • The driver uses the car for any kind of racing or competition.
  • Damages caused to the vehicle because of off road driving (road without asphalt, beaches, mountains etc).
  • The vehicle is used in violation of the traffic regulations (e.g. road signs, speed limits, road direction).

Cancelation Policy

Cancellations can be made after consultation and as agreed with Carrent Karpathos.

Terms and Conditions and Prices are subject to change without prior notice.